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  • Apr 10Willa K. Johnson

    FIREshare Ep. 3 – Appalachian Leadership Laboratory

    For this episode of FIREshare – Finding Innovation in Rural Education, we explore the Appalachian Leadership Laboratory and all of it’s contributions to rethinking rural education here in east Kentucky. Fore more information about the Appalachian Leadership Laboratory check them out on The Holler or contact @jcarroll.

  • Pickin & Screamin the Podcast

    Pickin & Screamin is a local article that focuses on amplifying and exposing local musicians/artists that are based out of+

  • FIREshare – Student Senate – A fierce collaboration

    On this week’s episode of FIREshare we take a look at how 34 students throughout 17 school districts have joined to create a regional Student Senate.

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