Prestonsburg HS Library Becomes “Hub Laboratory for Learning”

Prestonsburg High School is moving away from traditional library services.  A committee of students and faculty met and redesigned the existing facility to transform it into a full-service learning, research, and project space that has a flexible environment built to accommodate multiple learning activities and provide a participatory culture that will allow for Next Generation […]

How to Survive High School

Cami, Tiffany, and Madhu are 15 year old sophomores from Pikeville High School. Cami is head tech of the drama department, Tiffany plays golf, and Madhu plays tennis. All three are also part of the academic team and student council. We produced this video in order to help high school students succeed. We ourselves have […]

Student Voice: Conversations with Erin Napier

Student Voice Surveys are a requirement of the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES). A few weeks ago students at Owsley County Elementary School completed the surveys. Inspired by that process 6th grader and FIREshare student at OCES Erin Napier chose to interview a few of her fellow 6th graders. She had just three questions: […]

Lee County Tiny House Project Nears Completion

Students from Lee, Owsley and Wolfe county high schools come together daily at the Lee County Area Technology Center for vocational classes. However, the carpentry class this school year has not been what they expected! How many high school students have the opportunity to actually work on building a tiny house? At the Lee Co. […]

Building a Tiny House Has Been a Unique Learning Experience

Students at Phelps Technology Center realize that their carpentry class has been more than just a class.  According to Dakota Whitt, junior, he has “learned a little bit of everything…from putting on tin, siding and just about anything you can think of”.  He also comments that the class “helps him listen and pay attention.  If […]

Education When You Were a Child… Conversations with Educators and Erin Napier

Erin Napier is a 6th grade FIREshare student at Owsley County Elementary School. She loves history and talking to people. Erin combined her interests to create a video where she talks to educators comparing education when they were children to today. Erin talked to an administrator, teaching assistant and several teachers for this project. Erin […]


Goal: To address critical teaching shortage areas and improve teacher effectiveness in the KVEC/ARI region. The ARI Teacher Tuition Assistance Program is a RTTT-D funded project that targets teachers who are completing, or plan to complete, course work to secure a degree or certification in a critical shortage teaching area, secure dual credit certification, or […]

LCC Communications Class Develops Photography Skills

Through a series of assignments, Rebecca Potter’s communications class (members of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s FIREshare) has been working to develop their photography skills by telling stories about their communities through the lens. Below are highlights and links to their work.  If you are interested in growing your photography skills or sharing your photos, […]