FireCast Episode 7 – Paintsville Independent

Remote Work with Automattic For the seventh episode of FireCast, The Holler production team traveled to Paintsville Independent High School, where we were able to learn about Paintsville Independent’s Appalachian Graphic Design Fellowship. The initiative was started as a program to promote remote, web-based, careers. This opportunity provides students with an idea of what it […]

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Space and Aviation Encourages Middlesboro Teacher to Promote High Tech Careers to Students

Middlesboro High School teacher Luke Gilly is sharing his fascination with space travel and the universe in his teaching preparing his students for possible careers in aviation and aerospace. After teaching math for 10 years, Luke had an opportunity to train to be certified to teach engineering. “So I attended courses at UK and Duke […]

Perry Elementary Special Education Teacher Uses Art to Help Students Learn and Communicate

Teresa Miller is using her 21 years of teaching experience at RW Combs Elementary in Perry County School District to help her students communicate their thoughts and feelings through art. “Art Makes You smart” is her present project through an Innovation Grant award provided by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC).  “I love creating art projects […]


April 11, 2018 Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) invites you to the FIRE Summit (Forging Innovation in Rural Education) for an amazing day that highlights the innovative work occurring in 22 outstanding rural districts in southeastern Kentucky. More than 125 teachers and student teams will demonstrate and share innovations in teaching, learning and leadership during ignite […]

Phelps Elementary Artisan Drama Theater

The PES Transmedia Fireshare Production Crew created their first project this year. The crew consists of fifth and sixth graders from Phelps Elementary who absolutely loved taking pictures and videos of all our musical programs from our PES Artisan Drama Theater. They all agree that interviewing each other and participating in the Fireshare classes from […]

Jason Hall’s Love of Teaching and Learning

Innovation comes to Breathitt County Jason Hall’s passion for learning and desire to become a teacher started an early age. Jason, a fourth-grade instructor at Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) Elementary in the Breathitt County School District recalls wanting to become a teacher while in the sixth grade based on his love for his teachers.   […]

Jackson City Independent First News Broadcast!

Here is Jackson City Independent Schools first news broadcast of many to come. Students here are collaborating on creating daily news broadcasts. This is all possible because of grants received through the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) through Appalachian Renaissance Initiative (ARI) program. This week, the Jackson Independent News Crew wanted to get the word […]

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Haynes “Flips Classroom” for Innovative Math Teaching

Ashley Haynes has embraced an innovative approach to improve learning in her 8th-grade math classes at Hazard Middle School. Ashley describes her “Flipping and Swiveling Project” as a set of strategies to enhance student learning and achievement by reversing the traditional teacher-centered model of a classroom to a Flipped Learning model, focusing class time on […]

Jackson Independent Early Childhood Instructor Uses Art to Advance Learning

Grethel Jones, an Early Childhood instructor at the Jackson Independent School District in Breathitt County, has developed a creative learning project that involves using art indoors and outdoors.  She was able to fund her idea by applying for and receiving an “Innovation Grant” award from the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). She framed the learning […]

Pikeville Teacher Uses The Kitchen as Science Classroom

Kelly Scott is cooking up learning and science at Pikeville High School with creative teaching strategies.   Kelly is using the kitchen as her science classroom. Seeing students learn, be part of our classroom family, seeing them come up with an idea or a solution and be so very proud of what they have accomplished, makes […]