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July 8, 2018 12:00 pm

    Dimensions: 24’ X 8’ (192 SQ. FT.) and 3’ X 8’ storage loft over porch.

    Kitchen: The tiny house has a double-sided sink.

    Bathroom: It has a full bathroom equipped with a full bathtub/shower.

    Interior: Interior has ample storage via Oak cabinets and the bedroom incorporates a fire escape panel into the wall.

    Amenities: The tiny house comes equipped with a 3’ folding porch, instant water heater, IG washer/dryer combo, full-size stove, full-size refrigerator and an electric microwave.

    Auction Information

      You may provide payment upon pickup; you can choose the payment method you prefer from money order, cashier's check or personal check. After payment is confirmed, you may claim your tiny house. Buyers will have to pick up the houses personally using a vehicle with a tow hitch. After the auctions have concluded, the base $15,000, along with 80% of the amount above that, will be going back to each of the schools for the next build. (EXAMPLE: House sells for $20,000, the program will get back $15,000 + .8 * $5,000 = $19,000)