Phelps Tiny House


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July 8, 2018 12:00 pm

    Dimensions: 24’ long floor plan with a 3’ bump out area in the loft over the trailer tongue and a 3’ porch roof over the entrance door, making the roof line just under 30’ long. The Tiny House sits on a trailer with two 7000 lbs axles with brakes and lights.

    Exterior: A combination of Galvalume metal siding and cedar lap siding, creating a very interesting design.

    Interior: Walls are covered with 3/8” plywood and then a tongue and groove pine planking to give it a warm cabin type feel, as well as making it very durable. The steps to the loft are all hinged to create extra storage. The flooring is an engineered floating floor with a real oak wood veneer.  

    Kitchen: The appliances include a ceramic electric cook top,  a counter top microwave oven, and a full size refrigerator. The 20 gallon electric water heater is neatly tucked away under the staircase.

    Amenities: The heating and cooling system is a mini split system heat pump, LG brand installed by a professional HVAC Company.

    Auction Information

      You may provide payment upon pickup; you can choose the payment method you prefer from money order, cashier's check or personal check. After payment is confirmed, you may claim your tiny house. Buyers will have to pick up the houses personally using a vehicle with a tow hitch. After the auctions have concluded, the base $15,000, along with 80% of the amount above that, will be going back to each of the schools for the next build. (EXAMPLE: House sells for $20,000, the program will get back $15,000 + .8 * $5,000 = $19,000)