Building it Forward at Ashland!

The students of Ashland Blazer High School have worked all year long to build this tiny home. It’s almost impossible to fathom students building such a structure. The craftsmanship on display is something you’d never expect from a student with only a couple years of experience. The Ashland students and teachers worked together and brought […]

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BIG THINGS, Mini Episodes

Sometimes the FIRECAST team shows up at a school and there are too many things going on to fit it into one video; that is when the FIRECAST minisodes happen. This past week we visited Belfry High School and their students had a multitude of things going on in a single classroom. One side of […]

Recording History

Creating history it’s something we do every day without even realizing it. Some actions are more notable than others, especially in our world today with our “virtual diaries” known as our feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media websites can be used to diary our daily activities. It’s hard to believe there […]

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The K-5 Science/Social Studies Training WILL BE HELD AS PLANNED (2-15-19)

The K-5 Science/Social Studies Training scheduled for tomorrow WILL BE HELD AS PLANNED. The training at KVEC is not cancelled! IMPORTANT REMINDERS: · District/School is responsible for all travel/stipend expenses · PD Credit is available · Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided Thanks and we look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!! P.S. If you have not […]

Learn Blender Today!

Learning a new skill can serve troublesome, especially something as intricate as 3D design. The good news is that we’ve created a tutorial series to make that introduction just a little bit easier. These tutorial videos walk you through creating a 3D model all the way to the having that model walk around on real-life […]

Letcher Middle School News

Schools are busy places, it can be difficult to keep up with all the various things going on at once. Luckily, a middle school in Letcher County, Kentucky is making it easier to keep up to date with their school’s status. Every week the students record the newscast and have it ready to watch all […]

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Whole Brain Teaching

The Holler has produced the FIRECAST series for almost a year now and we’ve seen a lot of unique teaching strategies and innovations in the classroom. We knew we hadn’t seen them all and the teaching practices put in place at Louisa East Elementary are among those that completely blew us away. We were told […]

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Fixing our 3D Printer

In preparation for our Fall FIRESummit, we were pushing out highly detailed 3D prints of students’ Blender creations. In doing this, our 3D printers were working heavily; we were almost done printing all of the students work when one of the 3D printers quit working entirely and the other one quit shortly after. We were […]

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Eastern Kentucky Students are Hollerin’

The Holler hosted its first workshop to teach students the fundamentals of 3D design. The workshop utilized Blender, a free open-source 3D graphics software. The students can use this software to create animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models and interactive 3D applications. Students were given supplemental materials to further their learning outside of […]

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A New Generation of Entrepreneurs in Perry County

Students learning during their summer break doesn’t sound real, does it? That’s exactly what happened in Hazard from July 11th to the 13th. A three day pilot of innovative thinking and skill-building occurred for students across the county.  The AIR Institute of Berea College offers workshops for adults to come together and think collaboratively to […]

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