Creators:  Baby Layne, Abigail Napier, Sydney Sampson Baby birds are spreading their wings, the young are taking their first breaths, and we are opening our eyes; taking our first steps into the real world. All we have seen, everything we have done has led to this moment when we cross the stage into a world […]

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Natasha, Sarah and Zan

Creators: Sarah Bradley, Natasha Terry, and Zan McCoy Our video tells a story of change and acceptance. We portrayed a move that influenced our high school experience. Moving to a new school can impact our emotions, and it takes time to adjust and feel comfortable again. In our video, we show how we overcame our trials […]

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My Eyes

Creators:  Misti Smith and Makenzie Maynard – Pikeville Independent High School For our short film, we wanted to tell a story about something that everyone can relate to – Growing up. As seniors, we are faced with many difficult decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. This video shows how we were able to […]

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Create and Be Heard

Last year, I walked into my Sophomore English classes to explain The Holler absolutely sure that they were going to think that the opportunity was as awesome as I did. Instead, after talking to twenty-five blank expressions for ten minutes, I stopped mid-sentence. What I had said wasn’t sparking anything in them, so I rephrased […]

How to Survive High School

Cami, Tiffany, and Madhu are 15 year old sophomores from Pikeville High School. Cami is head tech of the drama department, Tiffany plays golf, and Madhu plays tennis. All three are also part of the academic team and student council. We produced this video in order to help high school students succeed. We ourselves have […]