Picture Project

Flower Shot My grandmother and I planted these flowers years ago, and every year they bloom brighter and fuller         Still Life My cat has always loved sitting in the windowsill           Environmental Shot These are the remains of the wood my father gathered before every winter. Every […]

Blue Box Project: Bringing Kindness to an Eastern Kentucky High School

In our society today, it can be difficult to find pure kindness and consideration from our fellow beings. We’ve become a world full of people who tend to think only of themselves, not batting an eye at those around us. Instead of spreading more hate and hostility, one high school is going against the norm, […]

A Q&A with a True Appalachian

Doug Adams is quite a familiar name within the Appalachian region. He is locally famous for his one-of-a-kind artwork that can be found throughout the small city of Whitesburg and in many of our homes. People of this region may be surprised to know that Adams is not just a hometown artist – he is […]


What if we held hands, And never let go? Your left hand grasping my right hand For the end of eternity. Your fingertips tracing circles On the tips of my knuckles. Side by side, Arm to arm, With the clarity of knowing We’ll always have each other. We’d run together, Everywhere. Through the crisp winds […]

Declassified School Survival Guide

How to enjoy your four years of high school High school isn’t like a movie– Something that’s very important to know before starting high school is that it’s not at all like the movies. Your whole lunch period won’t break out into song and dance like in High School Musical, but I can assure you […]

Self-help Coping Methods

We all have those days when we feel sad or anxious, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These emotions, along with others, are very natural to feel, especially in times of heart ache and stress. For those who are experiencing ongoing depression and anxiety, here are some coping methods: Painting Instead of Cutting: Cutting […]

The Appalachian Mountains and My Father

When I was eight years old, my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had a long battle, and to cope with the pain, he turned to nature. I can’t remember how many summer nights we drove aimlessly, underneath the tree tops and shinning stars. We didn’t care where we were driving to, or where […]