In the interest of our educators, KVEC has put together a collection of resources to aid in virtual learning and teaching. Below you will find FREE tools for online professional development and some suggestions on how to continue providing high-quality educational opportunities to your students, virtually.

Open Education Resources

Online Teaching & Learning Resources for NTI

Teacher Help

Videos for teachers who are working on creating virtual content for their students.

Virtual FIRESummit

View our archive of past Summits

KVEC Virtual Tracking Tool

The KVEC Virtual Tracking Tool was collaboratively developed by special education and general education practitioners in response to the rising need for systems of supports to address student attendance and engagement in virtual or hybrid setting. 

Special Education Courses

Virtual Spring Conference for New & Emerging Teachers

Special Education P.D.

Online Professional Development Opportunities

Special Education Guidance

COVID-19 Guidance

Special Education Manipulatives

Manipulatives at Home for Parents


Interdisciplinary Literacy Practices

Social Studies Resources

Distance Learning Resources

How to Create an Online PD or Lesson

How to Upload a Video and Make Questions for Professional Learning Online using Google Forms and Autocrat

The Holler DIY STEM Videos

Are you stuck at home? Are you yearning to build something with your hands? The Holler Boyz have the videos for you. Click the button below to get transported to a world of pure DIY.

Civics Test

Because Kentucky public schools are extending their use of NTI days through April 20th or longer, your district’s timeline insuring that graduating seniors have completed all necessary requirements for graduation may be impacted.

One requirement to consider is each graduating student’s successful completion of the mandatory Civics Test.

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Civics Test webpage, offers guidance regarding amending board policy in regards to administering the Civics test as well as a resource for testing during NTI days.

The Digital Drivers License, linked to the KDE Civics Test webpage, is available for your consideration.

Video Production

Learn how to create electronic instructional videos


Online Professional Learning

Digital Promise’s platform has micro-credentials from many different issuers available for educators from all content areas and grade levels.  Some micro-credentials are even appropriate for administrators.

  • Micro-credentials are a digital form of certification indicating that a person has demonstrated competency in a specific skill, such as data literacy, teacher leadership, or growth mindset.
  • Rather than learning by watching, reading, or listening alone, micro-credentials promote learning by doing.
  • Educators apply their learnings in their practice and collect evidence, thereby demonstrating their competence.

Users can make a free account that makes applying for the micro-credentials a simple, seamless process.

KVEC is currently developing micro-credentials, hosted by Digital Promise, and is supporting schools in developing systems for personalized professional learning that include micro-credentials.