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Digital Learning Design Lab Initiative Launch


An awesome digital NTI strategy is built on the foundation of access to a digital device and the internet for every student. Districts should build a student and teacher device footprint capable of anywhere, anytime learning as well as build community partnerships to assist families in getting connected.


A single Learning Management System (LMS) should be adopted and utilized school wide, providing a consistent platform for structured student digital learning experiences. The LMS also gives teachers, students, parents and administrators a shared space for communications and instructional support.


Collaborative leadership wins! Districts and schools that build a collaborative leadership culture are best positioned to envision and execute a digital learning initiative as well as pivot in times of need.

Critical component of any successful digital learning initiative is the assembled team of support. Digital leadership and technical support is a must. Successful schools and districts are accelerating supports provided by Digital Learning Coaches (DLC) and Library Media Specialists (LMS). Districts with these support structures in place are ready to collaboratively support digital learning strategies and workflows across grade levels, content areas and job classifications.


Quality digital learning experiences start by shifting the focus from teacher-led instruction to personalized student learning and products. Teachers are enabled by access to high-quality digital resources and content, supported through personalized professional learning strategies, and vigilant in protecting student data privacy.

The focus of any type of instruction is learning outcomes. The shift to digital learning also requires a shift to students demonstrating learning via digital products of their own creation. This transition to reconsidering what digital learning outcomes can/should look like is vital to the success of students.