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    Abbie Combs

    Wow! Weren’t the Academies great? I hope you have had time to get into your reading materials and hope you will share your learning.

    Our first group book, “Inevitable” poses the question: Can you still buy a suitcase without wheels? After all, while it’s unbelievable today, it took centuries for someone to connect suitcase technology with wheel technology. Today, the writers argue, the Industrial Age school system is the suitcase, and mass customizing technology is the wheels. And it’s time to make the connection and get education rolling.

    How can we get “Education Rolling” in our ARI Schools and Districts?

    Linda Neuzil

    I think one important component is to train teacher candidates while they are still in school. This would require working with teacher preparation programs to integrate the necessary concepts into the curriculum and maybe providing additional training to both teacher candidates and education faculty…. “Front load” the system as one part of the process.

    Katrina Slone

    I agree that that is an important component Linda! I teach an undergrad methods course and my dream is that some day I won’t have to teach the process of inquiry learning because that’s what the students will be familiar with because that is the model they have had throughout their K-12 years. However, to make that happen, they have to learn it and practice it–not just in my one little class, but throughout all of their classes, including their core academic ones. It sure seems like a chicken and egg question, doesn’t it?

    Josh Hurt

    I think blended learning is going to be key in getting education rolling!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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