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    Abbie Combs

    I am adding courses on the Holler learning side for Principals and Superintendents who would like additional information or training on PPGES Working Conditions and Student Growth Goals and Professional Growth Plan Development. The WCG Course is now active. This forum is linked to the PPGES courses.

    jeff hawkins

    Thanks Abbie – I’m going to look at the WCG course straight away and will get back to you with some feedback in a bit.

    Jennifer Carroll

    I am going to do the same type of course for teachers for their PGG and SGG….this is great, Abbie!

    jeff hawkins


    Clearly organized, focused and easy to access and use. I’m going through the modules now. This is great.

    Abbie Combs

    Thanks for the test run.

    Abbie Combs

    KVEC Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness (PPGES) Goals Work Sessions
    Trainers: Jennifer Carroll and Abbie Combs
    Facilitators: Stacy Noah, Mike York, Bernadette Carpenter, Carole Mullins, and Katrina Slone


     September 8, 2014-Breathitt High School: 32 Participants: Breathitt, Jackson, Lee, Owsley, Perry, and Middlesboro
     September 9, 2014-Leslie Board of Education: 15 Participants: Leslie, Harlan, Hazard
     September 12, 2014-Letcher County Transportation Department: 29 participants: Letcher, Jenkins, and Knott
     September 19, 2014: Jenny Wiley or Adams Middle-TBD: 22 participants: Lee and Floyd


     PPGES Overview
    o The Role of Superintendent/Designee, Principal and Assistant Principal
     The Principal Goal Setting Process
     Critical Data Sources
    o Academic/Instructional (SGG)
    o Environmental (WCG)
     Data Source Discussion: Based on the Pre-Planning Template Data
    o Team Discussion
    o Facilitator feedback
     Student Growth Goals
    o State SGG Development: District Team Work Session
    o Local SGG Development: District Team Work Session
    o Determining Levels of Goal Attainment: District CEP
     WCG
    o WCG Development: District Team Work Session
    o Determining Levels of Proficiency
     PGP
    o PGP Development: District Team Work Session
    o Determining Goal Attainment
    o Developing the Plan (Time Permitting)
     Replicating the PPGES Goal Development Process across the District.

    Abbie Combs

    I am very proud to be a part of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative. One of the first things that attracted me to KVEC was the opportunity for personal and professional growth. A KVEC core belief is that all leaders must master and model effective strategies. To this end KVEC has developed and implemented the KVEC Professional Growth and Effectiveness system which parallels the Kentucky PGES.

    The focus of the evaluation system is on improving professional practice and student learning. KVEC’s PGES is congruent with Kentucky’s PGES outcomes where the linking evaluations with high quality professional learning are key. Aligned evaluation systems inform educators of strengths and weaknesses and provide opportunities to make informed decisions regarding individual professional growth. High quality professional learning is sustained and focused and relevant to each educator’s goals and needs. Each of us must seize opportunities for professional growth that meet our individual needs.

    Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, and KVEC Staff evaluation systems are based on a cycle of continuous professional growth and learning that includes the following processes: Self-Reflection, Goal Setting, Observation/Collection of Evidence, Formative Assessment/Evaluation, Summative Evaluation. Each of us is on a road that can lead to growth and effectiveness that translates to improved student learning.
    I am interested in hearing about your PGES journeys- ups and the downs. Let’s learn together.
    Jennifer Carrol is my Critical Friend, which is the counterpart of the teacher peer observer. I have already learned so much from her. We have completed our self-reflections on standards and developed our professional growth plans. This has been a good experience for both of us.
    Please share your observations about the PGES and let us know how it is working for you.

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