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    Hello! My name is Mr. Christopher Anama-Green. I am teaching the coding class in Jenkins. Jenkins students, please reply to this post to introduce yourselves.

    Post your name, grade, and what you hope to make this semester with TouchDevelop.


    Seianna Polly

    Hello, my name is Seianna Polly. I am a freshman. I would like to make a game with TouchDevelop.


    Breaunna Rose

    Hello, my name is Breaunna Rose. I’m a freshmen in high school. I would like to create a game using TouchDevelop.



    Hi i am Gabe i am a freshman who wants to make a video game


    Keiley Bentley

    I am Keiley Bentley, and I am a freshman. I would like to make a game using TouchDevelop.


    Dave Kelton

    Great to see the class has started. I think you will enjoy TouchDevelop. I was a programmer before I became a teacher and I really enjoyed programming using TouchDevelop this summer.

    If you have question, please post them to the Unit 1 – TouchDevelop topic.


    Doug Barnett

    Hello guys,
    I have observed you guys remotely from time to time as you work with touchdevelop and I have seen a lot of good things happening. I work with Damian in the technology department, so in addition to Mr. Green you may also contact me at the school if you have questions, and, as Dave said earlier, you can post any questions here.
    Have Fun!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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