Unit 2- Touch Develop

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    Paul Green

    All things Touch develop unit 2.


    Unit 2, Lesson 1 Flipped Classroom Video


    A note about TouchDevelop videos:

    My district recently enabled the brand-new internet filtering system. This is fantastic for many reasons, but it also means that my YouTube videos are blocked for students at the moment. This is just a growing pain – the new filtering system’s permissions will be changed before too long. In the meantime I have been teaching Unit 2 via direct instruction. Don’t worry – more “flipped” classroom videos will be coming soon (after my students are able to view the videos in class)!


    Stephanie Younger

    In my class, I started having those problems. So, I upload my videos to Zaption. It gives me some nice analytics and gets around the filter issue.


    Thanks, Stephanie! I’m checking out Zaption. Looks good! I’m going to give it a try.


    Unit 2 Video for Teachers

    I have a few tips for teachers about how I taught Unit 2. More flipped classroom videos will be coming for unit 3.


    Kelly Boles

    Zaption is great. If you want a really good, simple workaround for YouTube videos, try something like viewpure.com. You just paste in your YouTube link, and it will cut out ads, links, etc from the YouTube video and give you a viewpure link for the video rather than the original YouTube link. Zaption is great, though. Like Stephanie said, it has some built-in formative assessment and analytics tools. ViewPure is really created for a different, more simple reason. Both are great tools for different uses.

    Regardless, glad you found a way to keep producing your videos. They seem to be helpful to lots of folks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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