WEEK 2 Requirements

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    Up to now, students should have already written their story, and decided on their preferred type of template (Picture Book, Chapter Book, Comic Book, or Graphic Novel).

    For Week 2, we are starting the process of taking their written works and turning them into books!
    Part One of this process involves storyboard creation, and character design.

    Since this step is so in-depth, we will need to break this down into two parts.

    This week we are looking at Part One!

    Here’s the requirements for this week:

    A.) Have your students to follow the storyboard creation directions provided through the resources posted in the documents tab of this website, and the directions described on the video for this week as well.

    B.) Students should be working on creating their storyboard, keeping in mind to tailor that storyboard to the type of book they are creating! Picture Book, Chapter Book, Comic Book, or Graphic Novel.

    C.) Have your students watch the first “Tutorial Video” being posted here for “Character Design; Drawing Humans and Animals”. Week 3 will mainly be comprised of character design, but students can go ahead and get a start on thinking about how their characters will appear in their pictures.

    D.) Encourage your students to log on to the “Holler” here, and share their work, their ideas, and their questions! This project is about the students… so let’s try to get them to be more involved!

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