Week THREE!!! What to expect!

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    Hello everyone. I know that a lot of you have asked me about a more efficient way to distribute information here on the “holler” website. With everything posting to the RSS feed (under the HOME tab at the top of the screen), sometimes information can get a bit cluttered. The most important stuff isn’t easily noticed. For that reason, I am posting information about what to expect each week right here in the “FORUM”.

    There is an option on the “HOME” tab where you can select what type of information you want to show up in the feed, but this has to be done individually. I can’t change this option for everyone.

    Week Three is going to be the Part 2 to last week’s session; “Words to Pictures”.

    By now, you should have A) picked out what kind of book you are creating, B) wrote your story, C) began the process of creating your storyboard, and D) started to think about what your characters will look like.

    For Week THREE, we will be continuing to build you story within these same areas, but with an added focus on creating your setting, landscape, and developing your characters. We will also be talking more about your storyboard, and how this will help you once you begin working on your actual finished pages.

    I will be returning to the “Holler” studio to create additional tutorials for you as well.

    There’s a lot to cover here, but as long as you remember to have fun, then all will be well!

    Also!!!! It’s really important to me that students start sharing more here on the website! For younger students, perhaps the teachers could take pictures of their progress and post it to the site?

    If you have any questions or anything, please post those either here in the forum, or on the HOME tab (the RSS feed).

    Thanks everyone. Looking forward to Monday!

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