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    Week 2 of the “Art Gallery Workshop” is titled “Writing with Pictures Part 1”.

    Please read parts of this to your students if needed 🙂

    For Week 2, we will have videos! These videos will assist you with creating the ‘look’ of your characters (basic drawing), and understanding how to implement the ‘setting’ of your story using ‘pictures’.

    Taking your story from words, and putting those words into pictures, is an interesting process. You have to think about the space you have available to tell your story through either drawings, collages, digital art, etc.

    By now you have hopefully decided which format your book will be. This also impacts how you will use pictures, in conjunction with words, to tell a story (the definition of ‘Sequential Art’).

    For a picture book, you have an entire page to fill up… but you also have to decide where your words will go; the text, or letters, that make up the sentences of your story. Consider while creating the artwork for the page these things: A. Am I going to leave room for my words on the page, in the hopes of not covering up any of the artwork? B. Which parts of my story am I going to show through the artwork, and which parts will I tell through words alone?

    If your choice is a graphic novel, or mini-comic, then a totally different set of guidelines apply. You still have to decide what parts of your story you are going to depict through pictures, but you also have to take into account that your page is broken into different ‘panels’. Panels are the boxes that the artwork and words appear in on a page. Be sure to pay attention to your use of the space on a page. Too many panels will result in a very difficult book to read. Too few panels, and you might as well be creating a picture book! I would try to have at least two panels per page.

    Chapter books are unique in that they contain a lot more words than a typical picture book. Think of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. Here we have a book with drawings, or pictures, scattered through it. Sometimes it’s one per page, sometimes many more.

    You should be thinking about these things while you are creating your story, for next week we will be starting our storyboards! Storyboards are very, very rough drafts of your entire book. You will sketching out how your entire book will appear; such as where the words appear on each page, and what your artwork will be for each page as well.

    Storyboards are essential for writers/illustrators for they guide you in the process of finishing your story. Consider them to be blueprints. Before one single page of a book is completed for print, an illustrator knows what every part of his/her book will look like.

    Hope this gives you some insight as to what to expect during the next session. Please be sure to research how different artists draw/create their characters for a story. Look at the different styles that are used. Pay attention to how they show you the setting of their book as well!

    Good luck! And see you next week 🙂

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