What's Your Story About?

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    Use this forum to tell the “Art Gallery Workshop” participants about your story!

    Jennifer Baisden

    Many of my students are keeping their stories a secret. I don’t know how to feel about that, yet. I do love seeing their independence though. When I see them working on their stories instead of gossiping at the break tables, I can’t help but get excited with them. I’ve seen some very talented artists and great themes and topics developing. Hopefully, I’ll see some work soon.


    Hi Jennifer. I commented on your post when I saw it on the RSS feed (on the home page to this website). Finding that a few things are a little confusing when replying and communicating here, but we will make it.

    It makes me happy to hear that your students are growing more and more excited about this process. That’s the great thing about “sequential art” as an approach to getting students interested about creative writing. I’ve used it as a part of everything from social studies, to science! A great activity is to have your students select an event in history to write/draw about. Give them parameters to work from; such as our choice of templates here in the Art Gallery Workshop. From there, have them submit their story (which should have all the important factual aspects to it pertaining to their choice). At the time the writing process becomes understood by the student as being just as important as adding the illustrations/artwork. Perhaps they may need to rewrite a certain part, or rethink how they will describe the event(s).

    From there, they follow a similar process as our workshop. Have them create their storyboard, character design, setting design, etc. Hopefully the end product results in a very well written story (following all the requirements from their language arts), along with their expressions of that event through their artwork.

    Thanks again for commenting!! Looking forward to seeing your student’s work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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