Outline Plans for QFT / BOP Trainings at your school

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    Nicki Caudill

    I noticed this is on the checklist for Community Engagement folks but I wasn’t sure where to post it, so here is Marsha Colvin and my plan:

    We have an early release day on March 30, 2018. Marsha and I will provide QFT and BOP training with our faculty on that day. We will use the powerpoint and handouts on the Holler in our meeting.

    Cassandra Akers

    Hey Nicki
    Just wanted to check in and see if you completed your training and how it went?

    Jerri Turner

    I planned to discuss/present trainings for QFT/BOP at a scheduled faculty meeting. The training took place on 4-24-18.


    I sort of mentioned what I was thinking in an earlier thread, but I am going to post it here as well.

    There have been some upsets recently in my school, which have shaken things up. Combined with the impending merger of my school with the high school, and all the other trainings/dances/trips/testing/etc. that have been previously scheduled, QFT/BOP training are most likely going to be done early next year; probably at the end of July or the beginning of August. There is no way to fit it in this year, and has not been with everything that has been happening.

    I think this is actually better, though, because then we can train everyone together once we are one solid staff, and split the training amongst those who are able to do it (i.e. as I mentioned in a previous thread, there are others in our district who have had QFT training, so they could help), which will make it more manageable. I am really excited to sit down with the rest of our ACT team to set dates and start rolling us into year two by starting off strong.


    Also: In terms of logistics for our training next July/August, I think it makes the most sense to combine them and do them both in one day. Or, at the very least, in the same week…either way, I think doing them near one another would make it much easier to link them together and explain to everyone why we are doing these two particular trainings and how they link to our work with ACT, to one another, and how they will help us in our everyday work. I think it is also important to do them (especially QFT) prior to our first open house of the year, so that everyone can go into that ready to engage with parents in a thoughtful and productive manner.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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