Question Formulation Technique Training

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    Jerri Turner

    Danielle, I agree that a team approach to training our staff would be ideal. I already have teachers in the building using the technique so they could provide some examples of things that were done in the classroom setting.


    I was new to this information and was very interested in how this process worked. I would love to learn more about this.


    1. What are your QFT Reflections?
    I think that this technique will take practice and is worthwhile. It provides focus and calmness to a meeting. Also, it helps our Parents who don’t know what to ask to formulate and be a part of the process.
    2. Outline a year-long plan for QFT Training at your school?
    Training for staff on QFT for Community and for Classroom use.
    3. Please remember and address the following as you plan your trainings:
    A. Goals of QFT Training at your school: To train staff.
    B. Anticipated barriers you may face from your stakeholders: Time
    C. Dates, Presenters, Facilities, Advertising, Food, etc.: Selected Teachers were trained on QFT for the classroom on March 8th, 2018.

    Nicki Caudill

    Jerri, I agree! I don’t think parents know what questions to ask and the QFT technique would make them more comfortable generating them.


    Jerri, I think so, too! I definitely think that it will be easier to do with more people involved–perhaps set it up as a small-group training with different teachers leading different groups? It might allow for more participation and a more hands-on experience.

    Nicki, I also agree with you. I think that sometimes we are so overwhelmed that coming up with questions to ask “on the spot” can be really stressful and difficult. Doing QFT with parents, I think, would definitely help to alleviate some of that for them so that we can all have more productive conversations.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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