School Community Engagement Survey Results

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    Cassandra Akers

    The responses to our coaches and administrators survey on School Community Engagement is located in the media section at the top of this page. The answers are typical responses and may not include every response. Review the results and post any comments you may have to this forum. Feedback appreciated.


    Melissa Pennington

    I don’t see the link for the results.


    Nicki Caudill

    I don’t see a link to results.


    Cassandra Akers

    Apparently, it didn’t upload. I have successfully uploaded the results in the media section above.
    Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t on the forum.



    First of all Brenda Curry and I think that it is nice to have feedback representing every stakeholder’s viewpoint.

    Our responses are below:
    Q1. Nothing to add.
    Q2. Everyone sees that Community Engagement is important.
    Q3. Remind, Twitter
    Q4. Nothing to add.
    Q5. Nothing to add.
    Q6. Nothing to add.
    Q7. Survey on how all stakeholders wish to be contacted.


    Cassandra Akers

    Thank you for your feedback.



    I completed the original survey, so I don’t have any specific responses to add to any of the questions, beyond what I said originally.

    I do, however, really find the results for question three to be fascinating and helpful. There are a lot of really great things listed there, and some of them are not things that would make me think of community engagement at first glance, but upon reflection, really are great ways of interacting with those outside of the school. The big one that stood out to me was Infinite Campus (or, at least, I assume that is what ‘IC’ stood for…I may be wrong!). I mean, I use Infinite Campus daily for attendance/putting in grades/etc., but I guess that I rely so heavily on the teacher side of the program that I sometimes forget that the other major function of it is to keep students and parents up to date.

    The list is definitely going to help me reflect when I think about how to approach engagement in the future, and what sort of things truly count as “engagement” beyond the obvious.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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