School Community Survey Suggestions – FINAL

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    Cassandra Akers

    1. Review the attached survey.
    2. Respond with other suggested additions to the survey.
    3. Suggestions received to date:
    A. Additions under question 5 – current school/community affiliations: Parks & Recreation, Flag Football, Boosters, Elementary Coaches, Extension Office clubs, Women’s club, Renaissance club, Quilters, Archery, Swine, Cattlemen’s, Equine, Bee Keepers

    B. Under question 6 – areas that most interest you: specifically identify the sports, clubs, and type of community service and mentorship you are interested in.

    4. Please share your plan for survey distribution at your school, electronic and paper versions.

    Thank you!

    Melissa Pennington

    As far as suggestions to the draft, I don’t have any at the moment.
    We plan on using our Facebook site, our school website, and Twitter to electronically send out the survey. We plan on using open house(parent/teacher conferences)to distribute the paper versions of the survey.

    Tia Botner

    The draft looks great to me!
    I plan to send surveys home with every child in school, as well as an ¨all call¨ letting parents know that it is coming and the importance of sending it back. I will place a link to Survey Monkey on our school website, Facebook, and Twitter. Depending on the due date for the surveys to be turned back in, we may be able to distribute it during the next open house. At the beginning of next year, surveys could be placed in the student info packet that has to be returned.

    Cassandra Akers

    Melissa and Tia:

    Your roll out plans look great. I am hoping to have the final version of the survey link to you by Friday, February 9th for electronic distribution.
    I love the idea of utilizing the paper survey version at Open Houses! Also, placing in student info packets is a great idea!
    Can you think about a community event to get surveys completed? Let’s think about reaching community members outside the student’s families.

    Thanks for your work!

    Nicki Caudill


    I added my suggestions for additions to the survey on paper at our last meeting.

    Survey Plan:

    We can send the survey link out to community members on our JCHS News and Events facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, our elementary, middle school, and district office social media accounts, school marquees, JCTV station, and Remind message service.

    Student Senate members can be present in the lobby at home basketball games with laptops and tablets to allow community members to quickly respond electronically or with paper copies. We can also have paper copies available in our Youth Services Center as well as our front office for visitors to fill out.

    Cassandra Akers

    Thanks Nicki!
    Your plans look awesome. Love the idea of using Student Senate members to help capture surveys from the public, face to face!
    Great Idea also, to place in youth service center and front office. You have them handy if any one visits your school.

    Jennifer Wilder

    We have sent the link to all staff. We plan to send hard copies with all students.
    We will attach link to facebook page and school website.
    Will update as needed. Will meet with Student Senate for input.

    Cassandra Akers

    Thanks Jennifer! Sounds good. I sent out a paper copy of the survey today via email. I will post it in the media link above as well.


    My current plan of action is as follows:

    + Send a link to all faculty and staff at BHS/SMS
    + Post a link on the SMS, BHS, and Breathitt County Facebook pages
    + Anchor a link to the Breathitt County Schools website (and likely the individual school ones as well)
    + Send hard copies home with students at both SMS/BHS
    + Visit some local businesses to get the form/link to them

    I am hoping to put most of these into action beginning early next week. I don’t have the access/permissions for a few of these–like the Facebook pages/website alteration–so I have to go through our two ACT principals to do those. However, between illness/school closings/meetings, it has been very hard to catch them. I reached out to Carolyn (BHS) today to see if we could meet up in the next day or two so that I could explain everything and provide her with the link/hard copy. So hopefully once I do that, things will start rolling out at BHS fairly fast and start appearing on social media. In terms of SMS, and I plan to give this information to Reggie, my principal, tomorrow if he is in. My hope is to have all parts of the plan rolled out and fully in action by the end of next week.


    Oh, also! I forgot to add this to my list, but SMS is having an open house at the end of the month for mid-term grades. I plan to have copies of the survey with the front office staff; I’m hoping that they’ll be able to get parents to fill it out as they come in, and I will also keep some with me in my classroom to catch parents who come to talk with me.

    I would like to see something similar happen at the next BHS open house.

    Cassandra Akers

    Thanks so much Danielle! I know the weather, flooding, sickness days have had a negative effect on our timelines. Just keep pushing, we will get there. You have a great plan for distribution. I especially liked the idea of linking the survey to the districts page! Can you remember to share that with everyone when we get together on the 27th? Great idea!

    Cassandra Akers

    Any F to F meetings will work! Utilizing front office staff during Open House is a great idea too!
    Thanks so much!


    Is this the final survey: If so, when do we begin sharing?

    Jerri Turner

    Survey looks simple which will encourage people to quickly complete. Some ideas I have so far in distributing is having a table set up during upcoming school events. (Tiny Eagle Academy, Spring Open House, Performing Arts Show, Head Start Transition Meeting) We will post on FB school page. I plan to send the survey home to parents and encourage participation. I also plan to visit local businesses.

    Cassandra Akers

    All great ideas Jerri! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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