Get Started!

Recruit your squad! You may already have a group of young women in mind to target or you may open your squad up to any girl in your school between 6th and 8th grades to participate. Please register your squad here.


Once you have the returned permission slips, your squad is ready to begin. It is OK if you continue to add members once you start, in fact we expect it. Once the word gets out about this program, more will likely want to join in on the fun!

Squads will meet weekly to complete a topic activity and finish with a physical fitness piece. Once a month squads perform online Skype meetings with either other squads, mentors, or role models.

Secure the time and place of your weekly meetings; this could be during enrichment periods, Advisor/Advisee, after school or even on weekends. Each topic has a variety of activities to choose from with varying time frames to work around almost any schedule.

Each week you will address a different topic, pick one of the activities associated with it and then culminate the meeting with a physical fitness activity of your choosing. Using the Physical Activity Journal, the girls will be responsible for setting their fitness goals and tracking their progress throughout the week.

Monthly squads will utilize technology to video conference with squads from other schools, mentors, or role models. Because each squad will have different meeting times and days, chats will be scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. with girls logging on from home.

Earn Badges

Girls have the chance to earn badges in each topic; those who earn all 8 will be given the opportunity to act as a mentor in the following years.

Squad Building Exhibition

All squads will come together for an annual Squad Building Exhibition where the girls will be able to meet in person with the other squads they have been Skyping with, display their Community Capstone Projects and participate in a 2 mile run/walk obstacle course with stations that represent the eight topics.

Community Capstone

Squads will choose a Community Capstone Project to address real-life challenges in their communities. This may be cleaning litter out of a park, raising awareness for an animal shelter, starting a flower bed to deliver fresh flowers to a nursing home, or any other cause the squad decides upon.

Contact Us

To register your Squad and/or request additional assistance, please contact:

Lisa Garza
GPS Project Lead
(606) 438-8285

Sandy Hogg
GPS Project Co-Lead
(606) 634-0020