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    On March 6th, my students and I attended the “Celebrating Innovation in Education at the Capitol” event. Three of my 8th grade math students, whom I also taught in 6th grade, showcased all of the innovative learning that is taking place in our classroom as a result of being a recipient of the A.R.I. Learning Innovation Grant for the past three years. In addition, to discussing my current project, “Flipping and Swiveling in 8th,” students also reflected on previous years projects, which related to personalized learning and a flexible seating environment that we still utilize today. Eighth grade student, Alexa Muha, noted, “Even if you are absent, you still feel like you are right in the classroom!” The Swivl camera I use to record my lessons has been an asset for not only students who are chronically absent, but any student who needs a review of a skill prior to a quiz, test, or even just a homework assignment. At the conclusion of the event, Senator Brandon Smith invited my three eighth grade students to the Senate floor to be recognized.