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    Updated Description of My Project:
    Initially, I had titled my A.R.I. Learning Innovations Grant Project “Flipping and Swiveling in 6th,” but twelve weeks into the school year, I started teaching 8th grade mathematics, so my project became “Flipping and Swiveling in 8th.” With regards to the research question, action plan, and types of data collected and analyzed, everything stayed the same, with the exception, of course, of the grade level used as the focus. In addition to recording lessons with a Swivl camera to assist with chronically absent students staying caught up on content, I also have been embedding BreakOut Edu clues into my videos as a review activity before tests. Recently, I discovered that my students also love BOOM learning, and will rewatch my videos prior to completing an assignment online. I look forward to sharing with everyone how this innovation has impacted the learning of my 8th grade mathematics students next week at the FIRE Summit.