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    I will be posting our most recent Eagle News episode for everyone to watch. This program we have started has been so beneficial for our students. I love being able to watch their first episode and then watch their more recent episodes and see how much their communication has improved. My students have gained so much from this experience and have been able to travel to a few different places and meet new people as well. We went to WKYT and met the staff there and the kids loved it. We also were able to take our kids to the Capitol in Frankfort and my students were able to meet and even interview different representatives. They even interviewed the President of KVEC, which they thought was so neat. We take our students to KET Wednesday so that will be yet another experience they get because of this program. I am so thrilled at the growth of my students and I can’t wait for them to showcase what they have learned at the Fire Summit next month.

    Eagle News Episode 10

    • Love love your news show. Proud of u. What program did u use to record and edit the show

    • We use iPads to record and then iMovie to edit! Glad you enjoyed it! I couldn’t be more proud of our kids and all the hard work they’ve put into the program!

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