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    The Pikeville High School Healthalachia Hackathon Team has been working very hard on helping to lessen the issues with opioid addiction within our community.

    We have created an app for iOS and Android with the help of BitSource in Pikeville, and we have created a webpage, http://theemptychairproject.weebly.com , with up to date information on addiction and places to call and go for help. We are also on Facebook at Empty Chair Project, and on Twitter as EmptyChairProj. We are also using the #EmptyChairProj to help spread the word. We are also working on placing stickers in the restrooms of as many public places as we can to help spread the word on how to identify addiction and the options that are available for help.

    On Wednesday, we will be holding our kickoff assembly to promote the app, share the options people have for addiction, and a wonderful local man who is going to share his story of addiction and recovery. Several groups of students have created public service announcements to help with the promotion of this project.

    We are so excited to see so many people get involved in this amazing project.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.