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    Our Community Challenge Grant is focused around Community Homes for Homelessness and Addiction Recovery (CHHAR Project). Homelessness and drug abuse are ongoing and many times directly related issues affecting our communities, schools and workforce. Based on data from the 2017-2018 school year, Harlan County High School alone had an alarming number of students identified as homeless due to substandard living conditions or living with someone other than a parent or guardian. In extreme circumstances, we have students who have nowhere to stay. This is often overlooked by those of us that do not face these day in and out challenges to simply survive. Additionally, the condition of homelessness often leads to substance abuse and we have a number of local facilities that provide addiction recovery, but up to 60 percent of our local rehab graduates relapse back into their former lifestyle of drug abuse due to having nowhere else to go but back into their former lifestyle and living conditions. Through the CHHAR Project we are in the process of establishing a tiny home subdivision for these students and graduates. We have been documenting our progress on our website and YouTube channel.

    CHHAR YouTube Channel-