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    I thought my studens would like and LEARN from the dissection of fetal pigs. I was really wrong…THEY LOVED IT! The enthusiasm for learning went so much deeper than I had anticipated! I was fearful that the students would not want to do the dissection and was unsure how I would deal with that. I did have 6 students who absolutel wanted not part of the dissection and I was able to manage their continued learning in an alternative way with the help of a couple other teachers. As for the other students who dissected…it was as much a WOW for me as it was for them. They learned so much and as with science, the more questions they answered, the more queestions they had. The students wanted to see every part of the pig and how it connected to the rest of the organs and systems. I must say that this was absolutely for my students to experience, learn, grow in their thinking, question more deeply than ever, and the list could continue. I heard statements from students such as, I wasnt to be a surgeon, I want to be a doctor, I LOVE THIS! The level of learning and experience was one that I know with stay with these kids for the rest of their lives. It was TRULY a remarkable experience and a career high point for me!
    I am so hoping that I can offer this remarkable opportunity to other students in the future.
    • Great activity and opportunity for students – instead of waiting until HS to experience this, you have now pushed them in MS! Great pics & thank you for giving this opportunity for your students!!!