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    In April FRYSC partnered up with our school, GearUP, and our local Shriners to present STEM nights. On the first night we had older children help the younger children with projects while the Shriners served our families a full dinner. The second night was for the older students and they interacted with their peers for a great night of fun. We had our 3D monitors where you could actually dissect a heart, we had our 3-D printer going and we worked with circuits just to name a few things. We provided our families with a Taco Bar and a great time was had by everyone. Our teachers, principal and assistant principals were super excited to help us. Our local board member came and checked out every single station. KET brought their green screens. It was just 2 very full and interactive nights. Many of our parents and guardians came out and were amazed at some of the things we were showcasing.