• Just registered for my first Fire Summit on Oct. 23rd! So excited! My grant was for a “Digital Portfolio Station”. For the past five or so years, my 6th grade Language Arts students have completed digital portfolios. Digital portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to the students, but also parents, administrators, etc. because they…[Read more]

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    Just registered for Fire Summit on Oct. 23rd. Very happy to represent Johnson County and to be able to obtain C-Pens for my students. This will help with reading fluency, vocabulary, and confidence within the classroom. On behalf of the Johnson County School District, thank you. Look forward to meeting with everybody come the 23rd.

  • I just registered for the October 23rd FireSummit. A preview of what I’ll be presenting: After teaching students for 20 years I have come to find that some students love reading but a great majority of them will only tolerate sitting in an ELA classroom as they have no choice but to be there. My problem of practice is figuring out a way to make…[Read more]

  • Excited to receive some of the items for my room transformation. Students will get to experience a trip to outer space without leaving the classroom. Looking forward to seeing what sparks are initiated with this unit. More pictures to come! #Thinkersofthefuture

  • As I stand in front of my classroom each day looking at my students I can’t even conceive the future for them. I wonder what unthinkable gadgets will unfold. I question if schools are progressing quickly enough to make significant contributions in the preparation of our students for what is yet to be. Will they have the problem solving s…[Read more]

  • Hello! I teach Moderate and Severe Disabilities at Lawrence County High School. With our Transition Innovation Grant we will be starting a school store. Our store will serve popcorn, slushies and cappuccinos.
    Our students participate in the CO-Op program, but our community is small and we are limited in the placement of jobs outside the school.…[Read more]

  • So very excited! I received my C-Pen Reader Pens for my classroom today. Can’t wait to get my students using them next week.

  • Pen Point Reading–when struggling readers are in a regular education classroom of 20+ students they are frequently embarrassed about their inability to read as well as others and typically will not ask for help due to embarrassment. These students need methods and technological devices that will allow access to the general curriculum so that the…[Read more]

  • We are currently working on getting all the orders placed. We are getting ready to have our first Patriotivity meeting. I am so excited about getting the qball started with instructional practices.

  • Hello everyone! I’m here to tell you about my learning innovation grant. I’m a 7th grade math teacher at Louisa Middle School in Lawrence County, Kentucky. The first eight years of my career, I taught band to grades 6-12, and I’m now entering my 4th year as a math educator. As I switched from an elective class to a required regular education…[Read more]

  • Hello All! I am excited to share with you all about my Innovation Grant project! Below is a short summary of my project called “Beyond the Classroom: Learning with Virtual Reality”
    For the 19-20 school year, AP Art History students at Paul G. Blazer High School will learn about a variety of architectural works through “visiting” those loc…[Read more]

  • Thanks to our grant we were able to crate four SumoBots to battle each other at our 2nd annual STEAM night. The winner went on to compete at state and made it to the sweet sixteen. The students were engaged in the engineering design process and learned advanced coding techniques all while creatively problem solving to be the best robot. Here is a…[Read more]

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    One of our 4th grade teachers uses a “graffiti wall” to assess students’ knowledge of content such as identifying figurative language, text structure, and main idea. I have also utilized this strategy with Social Studies content. Use chart paper or the whiteboard as a space for students to respond to a topic or question. I have most often…[Read more]

  • Mary Anne V. Pack posted an update in the group Holler logo of AssessmentAssessment 5 months ago

    One of the resources we use to assess is a consensus map. I was introduced to this idea during a Kagan training. There are many ways to use the consensus map. My favorite is to use it during to assess understanding through writing. After being given a question, each student spends a few minutes answering on a post it or small piece of paper. After…

    [Read more]

  • **Final Post** I would like to thank KVEC for allowing our school to introduce coding and robotics through the Innovation Grant. Our students were exposed to tech that they would have probably not ever used had it not been for this grant. It brought awareness to how coding and robotics are used in society and really sparked interest in future…[Read more]

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    Kahn Academy is a great resource our Middle School teachers are very fond of given our participation in a grant utilizing the PSAT to measure progress. This provides an individualized path for students to progress through skills.

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    One resource that teachers in my school utilize is the website Prodigy. The site has over 1200 math skills for grades 1 – 8. Students have avatars in a virtual world and compete against each other but must first correctly answer math related questions.

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    In my paperless classroom I utilize Google Apps for Education every day. Google Classroom is our “home” where they receive and submit their work. Google Forms is great for assessments, especially now because they have a lock down browser enabled to prevent cheating. I am also a big fan of Google Drawings which allows students to get creative with…[Read more]

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    I run a paperless classroom in all of my courses including Advanced Placement World History. I have found Fiveable and Get A Five have both been great for students to be able to learn concepts. They incorporate videos and assessments for students, which are instrumental in student success because our content ranges from the dawn of mankind to…[Read more]

  • A resource that I would like to start incorporating into my classroom is PearDeck. I had not heard of it until a training a couple weeks ago. It is a Google app that allows you to have interactive Google slide presentations and embedded assessments. Students are given a code to enroll and participate. It is to my understanding that other students…[Read more]

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