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    In a previous post, I shared tarsia puzzle software. Here is a puzzle that I made with the software. Attached are the three sheets of puzzle pieces to cut out. You can cut them out for your students, or you can allow the students to cut out these pieces as they are in random order. I usually print them out on card stack if I am going to reuse the puzzle pieces. If I plan on letter students tape the pieces of the puzzle together and display the puzzle on a poster board, I usually just print out on regular paper. Attached also is the answer key to the puzzle for easy checking. In the puzzle students solve equations on the triangular pieces. On another triangular piece will be an answer. Students line up the equation and the answer. This particular puzzle makes a hexagonal shape. It is the largest of the puzzles and has 24 cards containing 30 different equations. My students love practicing with these puzzles as it is something different than they are used to. I own the rights to this puzzle, so feel free to use and share in your classroom. I use this with my 7th and 8th grade students. I could also see it as a good review for Algebra 1 classes.