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    With everything going on, virtual teaching and taking on DLC requirements for the primary in my building I guess posting about my grant update slipped my mind. I am always so grateful and appreciative of the innovation grants not only this year during trying times, but also all the other years that they have awarded my classroom with materials and innovations to make my students more successful. This year I am so happy to announce that Carr Creek Elementary’s third grade was awarded merge cubes AND rocketbooks. Each of these items will be able to be used virtually or in person and will provide my students with experiences that otherwise we may lose out on this year. In the primary experiences are everything; hands on approaches, manipulatives, and kinesthetic learning often drive our classrooms. In virtual or in person settings for that matter this year things look a lot different; no field trips, no interaction and six feet apart! I still wanted to provide my students with those experiences which is were the merge cubes come into play. This cube will be used to bring life to a wide range of educational apps. It will allow my students to “merge” the physical and digital world, allowing them to explore and hold objects and places in their hands without ever leaving the safety of their homes or classroom. These will be introduced to my kiddos Monday, but some where so excited they even purchased their very own personal VR cube! Updates to come soon!