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    Project Title: Building Additive Manufacturing Device (3D Printer) to Design Laboratory
    equipment for Science Classes

    Students in the senior Physics class and STEAM lab will focus on designing and constructing a portable less expensive 3D printer and calibrate for optimal fabrication. They will also use this printer to fabricate functional devices for their science classes. This can be accomplished by “creative geometry”.

    Eight students, 4 from my Physics class and 4 from STEAM lab will be involved in the process of building the device. During this building period, students will be concentrating on the aspects of team work, fundamental concepts in math, science and engineering discipline that blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts.

    After building the 3D printer, students will learn to use the Autodesk CAD program to design equipment that can be used in science labs namely force table, vehicles to study, velocity acceleration and force generated due to motion, catapult for studying projectile motion and so on. They will also learn to use a software program that came with the printer for slicing the model to be ready for printing.

    Students will perform experiments for the object they have printed to check the durability and quality of the object. Students will construct explanations from several scientific practices by writing a report and presenting at conferences.