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    Project Title: Production of Electric Power by Pedaling a Bike in a Classroom

    Students in the Physics class will focus on designing and constructing a bicycle that will be able to generate electric power and help to run household electrical appliances. Four students from the senior Physics Class will be involved in developing this device. During this building period, students will be concentrating on aspects of team work, fundamental concepts in math, science and engineering discipline that blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts.

    The students involved in this project, will collect data in each stage of their project to learn about the conservation of energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed but change from one form to the other. Understanding of this concept will help them to build an efficient system that can have maximum efficiency of the product they have built. Collection of data will involve speed of rotation and output of power. They will also find out a way to distribute the power generated to different appliances that requires different power usage.

    Completion of this project will enable our student body to use this bike as workout machine, for taking care of their health and help to generate electricity.

    Students will construct explanations from several scientific practices by writing a report and presenting at conferences.