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    Starting this past school year the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative started work on the Future Ready Assessment Initiative with the help of funding from the Gates Foundation. The initiative was charged with looking closely at assessment and accountability for ways to understand and more importantly leverage for learning. Much of this past year has been spent in research, collaborative work groups, efforts to expand our boundaries, participate and allow Kentucky’s Accountability System to unfold. With a state accountability draft due to the US Department of Education on September 18th and the first reading of the draft having occurred this past Wednesday, we find ourselves in a position to help most by providing support for upcoming changes. This week has produced a lot of information and a better picture of what our new system may look like, with the understanding that feedback will continue through the summer with the Board’s 2nd reading occurring in August.

    You will find attached an “Assessment Update(06-08-17)” that lists items to plan for this upcoming school year and highlights to think about from this week’s Board meeting. The items to plan for is a result of collaboration and review of the additional attached documents released this week by the state department. We offer the assessment update not as an authoritative source, but as an effort to collect items of discussion that may be new to you, affirm your own understandings or help all of us better understand through your questions. Efforts to support an accountability system so complex will take all of us working to help each other. This is the first of what will be a continued effort to send out updates as they occur. We will work to keep communications like this to a minimum, but centered around times when information being released is concentrated.

    Additionally, on September 27th at the First Federal Center in Hazard we will be hosting an Assessment Summit where Rhonda Sims and Jennifer Stafford will present as keynotes and in breakout sessions. We are currently and will continue to add sessions that will highlight areas of needed learning around the new accountability system and support assessment for learning. One reoccurring theme in our new Science Assessment System and across the nation is assessment used as a leverage for learning is within the classroom and best used by the teacher. Please send contact information and resources from within and outside your own district in the days ahead to help in planning for the Summit. Don’t hesitate to send questions for us to chase and suggestions for how we may help. Look forward to seeing you on the 27th.