• Jessica posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    The purpose of my project was to determine if coding applications would help improve the basic math skills, spatial relations and patterns?
    To code I ordered ten PBS Tablets and implemented them in the classroom during large group (to teach new skills), small groups (target skills), and free choice (allow students to work on areas one on one). The skills that were focused on was spatial relations and patterning.
    To further implement the coding, I sent home a tablet with students at different times and asked their parents to work on applications that was downloaded that focused on the skills spatial relations and patterns with their child and write back to tell me what they worked on, what their child or what they gained from the activity. I also invited parents into the classroom to participate in activities with the child and discuss the importance of the skills they were learning. Parents were very excited and interested in learning about coding.
    I felt the project was very successful. Children were engaged and learning as they were having fun. Both skills seen a great amount of growth. I was really impressed with how much growth was made regarding spatial intelligence. In fall, 64.83 percent of children were meeting or exceeding spatial relations expectations and saw a growth of 24.65 percent in the spring, making it a total of 89.48 percent of children meeting or exceeding expectations in spatial relations.