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Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Kiser and I am a head start/preschool teacher in Floyd County. This year I wanted to focus on my students behavior in the classroom and implement a program called Conscious discipline.
Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive classroom management program and a social-emotional curriculum. Conscious Discipline is designed to impact the adults live first by providing them with the seven powers for self-control needed to make a change in the lives of the students. The program is designed to change adult’s perception and relationship with conflict, empowering adults to be proactive instead of reactive. The program beliefs are based around changing the adults attitude and behaviors to change those of the students. The program emphasis that we cannot teach behaviors and attitudes that we don’t possess ourselves.

As a teacher of young children, the problem I see is, children often have difficulty in managing their emotions. Children at ages three and five typically solve their problems by using what they know works for them. And unfortunately, a lot of times this includes unwanted behaviors such as hitting, biting, yelling, throwing tantrums, throwing objects, or avoidance. My goal is for the conscious discipline program to provide me with the tools to help the students learn and use appropriate ways to deal with the strong emotions that they feel. Feelings cannot and should not be avoided, as part of a healthy child’s development they must learn how to cope with strong feeling and work though social problems.