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    Title of Grant: Collecting and Interpreting Real-Time Data in AP Statistics
    Kelly Boles, Betsy Layne High School

    “Collecting Real-Time Data” is an AP Statistics project that enables students to collect and compare data from team and individual video game experiences. At the time of publication, students have engaged in and completed one such experience as a culminating review of the linear regression portion of the AP Statistics curriculum. This project will be featured in the presentation. Students acted as potential new drivers at the Mazda Leguna Seca Raceway in the Forza 5 racing game. Each student completed one practice lap and one individual timed lap. Nuances of the data were discovered, discussed, and interpreted. The end result of the activity was the use of the student-developed linear regression model to predict a classmate’s race placement. This portion of the activity facilitated a discussion of residuals and residual plots. With the support of the Microsoft and XBox, additional projects are currently in development.

    Link to handouts and a blog post I wrote-up about the first grant project: http://www.slightlyskewedhsmath.blogspot.com/2016/01/teaching-ap-statistics-through-video.html