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Mary Bentley is a Head Start teacher at Allen Head Start A, for the district of Floyd. Mary is also the Distance Learning Education Coordinator for the Floyd County Early Childhood Council. Mary will presenting her concept of coding for literacy in early childhood classrooms, at the Fire Summit October 25,2017.

Mary will be presenting :
Coding the Literary Future
Children within the Head start classroom show little interest, and very little engagement in the writing center. The children are using this center freely, with a blend of intentional teaching by the teacher, to improve each child’s literacy skills. The students find this method of teaching lack luster, and boring. The students rarely utilize this center for intent to improve literacy skills. The students need a more engaging method of learning which will improve their literacy skills. Per our benchmark assessment, and the Kentucky state standardized screener for kindergarten, the students in head start need literary intervention. Scores have shown that the present curriculum is having a less than moderate impact our students in literacy academics. This year’s Strategy will allow children to utilize PBS Playtime Android tablets and coding apps founded in literacy to make learning literacy more fun and engaging. Teachers will be trained by KET in early childhood coding. To make an even bigger impact on the student’s literacy skills, there will mentorship from middle school students helping each head start student learn coding with an emphasis in literacy. The classroom will also reach out to the community by educating parent’s in the community about coding literacy and allow parents to use tablets with children at home to enhance the student’s confidence in using coding inside and outside the classroom. The classroom needs PBS Playtime Android Tablets and literary coding apps for children to share, Cooperation of the student coding club as mentors in the classroom, and Assistance will be given by KET to train teachers in early childhood coding using android tablets. There is only one research question that will guide our study of coding with literary intent. Can a child of three years of age and beyond, use the concept of coding to build a more engaging relationship with literacy? Per our benchmark assessment data and Kentucky state standardized kindergarten assessment, we will show great improvement for the class average score level compared to prior data before implementations of the literary coding concept. As recently stated we will generate a before literary coding vs after literary coding comparison of assessment data to measure the vast improvements per average of the classroom. There will be two assessments observed. The benchmark assessment data as well as the Kentucky state standard kindergarten screener data. To be sure that any positive outcomes are derived directly from this concept alone, we will compare engagement before concept vs after the concept has been in place, and the children have acclimated to the innovation. The data compiled for this confirmation will be shared.


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