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    An assessment resource I’ve recently learned about and explored Pear Deck, a Google add-on option. Pear Deck provides an opportunity for students to interact with your Google Slide presentations using their devices. The level of engagement in our chapter review heightened when I incorporated Pear Deck. It allows students to become more involved in their learning process and brings to their awareness their strengths and needs for improvement. Students use their school google account to participate. When preparing a google slide presentation with Pear Deck, you select from options for interactive Pear Deck slides. What you see, your students see. They might draw, type, select answers, create graphic organizers, or self assess as different slide options. During the presentation, teachers can see student responses. In real time, teachers can intervene and correct misconceptions. After the interactive presentation, teachers can share a “Student Takeaway Google Form” for each student. Comments can be typed on the document as feedback for individual students. Whole group data is collected for the teacher. I’ve since learned about Pear Deck Flash Card Factory. I plan on using it with vocabulary for our next unit. I hope you give it a try!