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    My students are working with Tinkercad to design 3d printables. With our grant we bought a 3d printer (Creality 3d CR10s). We have started a school store, and my business class and Multimedia class is running it like a business. My students all have jobs to do, and I am having them complete a W4 form and time sheet. I am giving them a fake payroll check. I am having them do checking accounts, and I am the bank (send them a bank statement). I will eventually have them do taxes. However, we are still adjusting the printer and troubleshooting. We’re making progress. They’re also making magnets and other items on our regular printer. We made some personal photo magnets for students also. It’s a challenge to work the opening of the store up during the school day. I will share some pictures, but will send some better ones later. Some of the 3d items we printed were already developed on Tinkercad by other people, and the purple flowers in the vase were purchased at Walmart. We hope to refine this project and add to it next year.