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    As part of the ARI Innovative Grant and in order to collect some data, I created a survey using Survey Monkey and emailed it to all our staff members to see how the funds were used to improve our school. This brief survey only consisted of three questions. Twenty one Phelps Elementary staff members took the survey and here’s the results:

    90% said YES, they noticed a slight improvement in the sound quality of our musical performances and programs in the gym and common’s area this year.

    90% said YES, they could hear the students more clearly during the following musical performances: Veterans Day, Tree Trimming and/or the Christmas Musical.

    86% said YES, they thought the professional lighting system enhanced our Christmas Performance this year.

    With the ARI Innovation Grant, I purchased two 100′ speaker cables (which created a more surround sound effect with the speakers in each corner of the gym), Shure wireless lapel mic system, professional stage lighting, and “We Are The Dream Musical” scripts (tentative performance date is scheduled (weather permitting) March 2018).

    Needless to say, the ARI Innovative Grant did in fact improve our entire school this year! Thank you KVEC!

    In addition to our PES Artisan Drama Theater, I’ve been working with a small group of students called the PES Fireshare Film and Production Crew and we put together a short video about this year’s performances. Hope you enjoy!

    PES Artisan Drama TheaterPhelps Elementary Music and Drama Department 2017-2018 school year. Mrs. Gooslin was awarded an ARI Innovative Grant through KVEC and we purchased a spot lig…

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