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    Mini-Grant Update

    Seventh grade students in my language arts class have been able to utilize the SmartKapp board I purchased for my mini-grant. I had hopes that the board would connect directly to students’ Chromebooks in real-time. However, because of internet filtering problems, I wasn’t able to make that happen. I have been using a USB drive to capture images and text from the SmartKapp board and post on Google Classroom for students to access. While this isn’t occurring in real time, it is allowing students to have a digital image of pre-writing activities that we complete. So far, students have enjoyed using the SmartKapp board and like that they no longer have to take traditional paper and pencil notes when completing pre-writing activities.

    • The product looks very cool. I’m sorry to hear that the product isn’t working in real time. Have you talked to your CIO/DTC to see if they could figure out why it does work in real time. I noticed that you have it on the wall, I looked it up online and saw they also come with stands, probably more money. Based on what I saw it looks like it is really cool and the real time would make it even better. This product has a lot of good uses.