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    The biggest changes that we will need to make are timeline changes; one thing we’re considering is language for SGG’s to be something like “30 days following the release of assesssment data” rather than a specific date. We ran into an issue this year because our due date for SGG was only 2 days after data release. We’ve also found that we will probably adjust our observation schedules to be a little more flexible for the peer observations.

    Another area we are looking at revising is the peer observer section. Right now, all teachers could be peer observers every year. Preliminary thoughts are that we may revise to put this on a rotation based on teams established at each school, but we are in very early discussions here.

    I’d be really interested to hear from other districts about timeline adjustments/suggestions AND about integration of OPGES into the CEP.

    Thanks so much!

    • You might think about a peer observation model in which PLCs serve as peer observers for each other. This connects the peer observation to work already going on in PLCs.