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    A little video shot using the GoPro Hero3+ using an ND8 filter. Settings were 720 Super wide angle. I would recommend a lower filter, this was a trial run at shooting in bright sunlight. Sunlight creates a lot of red and blue refractions using this filter.

  • Screenshot of footage before any kind of post work.

  • Here is my third cut for episode 01. I am still trying to come up with a title for the series, and compile my story together.
    Tweaked the beginning, and also through in a logo sting I have been working on in After Effects for my so called company, “Hazardous Film.” The logo sting is still a work in progress. Feedback is appreciated for the…[Read more]

    • The only concern I have is the audio, when there waling at times the sound of the steps and the music over power the conversation. As far as acting goes was pretty good, but your zombie needs to be much more vicious/scary looking, think he had a slight grin when you first showed him. Make him roll around in the dirt to get that look, have him…[Read more]

      • Thanks buddy! Most of that stuff goes back to the actual production process. Crew members were moving during static shots with dialogue, if you heard leaves rustling. The audio I tried to save but the ambience with the leaves rustling was just to overpowering.

        The zombie make up I did in like 30 minutes, and yes if you had watched the “bloopers”…[Read more]

        • If you can get Brian Dunn in your crew you would be in good shape for SFX, dunno how he does with blood and stuff but his masks are good.

          • Will try to recruit the best. Hoping I can knock out at least two more episodes. Have to go to Fort Knox for a month in June for ROTC assessment. Will be cut off with the internet world for far to long. Then it will recommence.

  • It took me a while to realize this and when I finally did it was really common sense. When you upload anything to Vimeo/Youtube/etc. they are essentially compressing your video once more. My rule of thumb would be if I want my video to play at a bit rate of 10Mbps, I would encode it at around 20Mbps.

    There may be some instances on older machines…[Read more]

  • Check out my commercial for whoopee cushions…

    • Haha pretty good man… I would switch out the transition mid video… just keep it simple there.

      • I would but i’m still trying to figure out the 2 minute piece for Bruce’s class, at the moment that takes priority. Thanks for the feed back.

        • If you wanted to…. I have been meaning to build this desktop. Someone made me order the parts, then they essentially bailed on me after the fact. I was going to film the build.. maybe narrate overtop with show notes for a tech tutorial.

          Maybe you could talk @professorparsons into assisting me and using for credit. Just a thought. But, if its…[Read more]

          • I wont be doing much for fun until after finals and we start working on the studio. I have been thinking all day trying to come up with something to do. I have always wanted to do a detective/comedy type deal and like you were saying about yours make a mini series. Have you ever seen “The Good Guys”? Its on netflix if you haven’t and its…[Read more]

            • Sounds very interesting I will definitely check it out. I am here to help you with anything you need man, all these side projects big or small benefit in the long run.

              I didn’t plan on doing a mini series it just ended up that way with the so called cast I have wanting to do more, but I did film the sequence the same day for a following…[Read more]

            • I wish I knew what I was thinking, might just get a camera and wing it, i’m usually good at improvising. This commercial is a prime example I wrote the script and came up with idea an hour before I went to shoot.

            • Ok I have decided on an idea, Im gonna take the detective thing and simplify it to a short skit that ill call “Gum Shoe”. Im gonna step in some gum then by some grade a detective work(and dental comparisons) ill discover the culprit.

    • Good work. It looks like you guys had way too much fun in Al’s class this semester.

  • I guess the copy is pretty much done.. I will play with it until @professorparsons takes it from me. Holler Eyes only right now. Post any serious feedback. It only makes me better no matter how nice/how cruel.

    Going to turn this into a mini series I hope. The desire all around is there.. Could use a few more good crew members.

    It is currently…[Read more]

    • The new cut looks good! Much cleaner in the beginning with less text. I think you could even simplify it a little more. Start out black screen, a little ambient noise, birds chirping – fade in “The disease had become an epidemic. The CDC couldn’t cure it, hell, they couldn’t even contain it in their own facilities.”

      Leave that up there just long…[Read more]

  • Can’t wait too see it Klay!

  • First (fictional) short film in the books production wise. Will post the process of creating my “evil dead” with items found at any local grocery store. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and is probably the most gratifying of the entire process.