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    Another formative assessment tool I use is embedded within Reading Plus. An online reading instruction and practice platform, Reading Plus is designed to build capacity, stamina, and motivation in literacy. It allows students to read interdisciplinary informational or literary texts and receive specialized academic vocabulary and reading comprehension instruction while I monitor their progress and performance.
    • Our district uses Frontrow, now Freckle, for individualized reading and math lessons. It is excellent for providing intervention. Reading Plus sounds like a program we could look into if we decide to change programs in the future. Thank you for the wonderful details.

    • Do you all use these programs as supplemental intervention tool or do you use them as the students’ primary intervention? We have Reading Plus for reading and ALEKS Math for math at our school, and we have been instructed to simply put students on the program for their entire intervention class period, but we have not seen as much growth as we had hoped/expected. We are looking into how other schools use the program as a supplemental tool in intervention as opposed as the primary means of intervention. Would love thoughts and feedback!

    • Thank you for your kind comments!

    • We use Reading Plus for the primary Tier 2 intervention, however, I also use the offline skills reports to form Tier 3 RTI groups which are pulled for individualized instruction. Thanks for your questions and comments! It’s nice to know people are actually reading my posts! 🙂