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    Can you imagine a classroom with 100% student engagement and a significant increase in student achievement? Well that what happened in my math classroom at South Floyd Middle School with Boogie Boards. My grant was for Boogie Boards, electronic writing tablets, and stick-on whiteboard surfaces. My idea was to see if going as paperless as possible would help increase student engagement and student achievement. What I found was that when I used the Boogie Boards, I had 100% student engagement. All students were working and participating, and they stayed on task. Even my reluctant students participated. The Boogie Boards were a success!!!

    Students appeared to be more excited about completing math problems using the Boogie Boards than with paper and pencil. Also, by using the Boogie Boards, I was able to catch mistakes as they happened with each problem instead of after a student had completed 10 or 15 of them. I graded each problem as they did them on their boards. The scores were higher on assessments of subject matter that I used the Boogie Boards with than with other subjects.

    My students had positive things to say about the Boogie Boards. One student stated, “I like them 10x better than working on paper, and they’re fun!” From a teacher’s perspective, the boards allowed me to help students immediately. They were definitely a hit!

    The stick on whiteboards surfaces would not stay up on my walls. I have textured walls and they would not stay up. I even tried to use other means to get them to stick, but they kept falling down. My students like writing on the whiteboard and working out problems, but they liked the Boogie Boards better. Their whole attitude about the class would change would I would say, “Grab a Boogie Board.” I am so very thankful I was able to use these in my classroom.