SAMR Model

SAMR is a model that can be used to evaluate and incorporate instructional technology tools into the classroom. [real3dflipbook id=”3″] Think of it as a rubric for classroom tech tools and their use. Take a look at the following graphic and think about where some tools you currently use may fall.  Are you using technology to enhance, or transform? SAMR […]

Twitter Much?

Wondering how you might easily connect to other educators, students, resources, best practices, and big ideas? School aged kids and teens make up the highest demographic using social media and #Education is the most popular topic in Twitter’s 500 million tweets a day.  KVEC’s #AppLeaderLab hosts Twitter chats to connect innovative educators in our region to each other […]

Promising Practices February 2016

Here are 10 tech-savvy highlights: Digital storytelling: Engaging students with their community LEAP into Kindergarten: ‘Learning through motion’ gaming Blended Learning Library: Building digital literacy GeoSafari Math Learning Centers: For MAP & STAR scores Blended Learning & Flipped Classroom with the Holler Buzz about Learning: BeeBot reading & math problem-solving Voice recording to improve world […]

ICYMI: Bill Gates blogs about eastern Kentucky

Cocoa Puffs, Bonobos, and Sandra Bullock . . . “I always enjoy meeting with students. They are curious, energetic, and aren’t afraid to ask tough and sometimes unusual questions like, “What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?” Read more from Bill Gates about his trip to Betsy Layne High School by clicking the headline above. “I’ll be […]