Tutorials For The Soul

Welcome to a Tech Tuesday below is a collection of videos created by The Holler to show y’all some useful tricks or maybe just inform you about the wonderful world of being a creative. So yes, no new episode of the critically acclaimed ‘Brisk Byte’ but rather a collection of past episodes that is the […]

Animating with SHAPE KEYS?! Blender Tutorial

Howdy, this week we continue the Blender animation tutorials. This week is a simple one but a very useful one especially if you wanna get into animating mouths. It doesn’t work great for everything but it definitely has its uses.Ā  Check the video out above and below is the link to some free assets you […]

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Learn How To ANIMATE in Blender! FREE Models Included

Howdy, welcome to another edition of Brisk Bytes. Today is more of tutorial for animation in Blender because we will probably be covering it a lot more in the future as we produce more of our own animations!Ā  Also, be sure to check out the link below to get some free resources you can play […]

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The Scarlett Solo

Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! Today we check out Focusrite’s Scarlett Solo a great tool for recording your instruments or just recording audio. Multiple inputs you want to record? No problem they make several different versions of the Scarlett and I’m sure one with fit your audio needs.

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Learn A New Skill in UNDER 2 Minutes!

Welcome to Tech Tuesday a show where we speedrun tutorials. I may or may not have been inspired by the recent speedrunning charity known as GDQ hosted on twitch that just ended. Anyway, this isn’t about speedrunning games, this is about learning how to Motion Track in Hitfilm Express, a free editing software with few […]

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Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! This week we are talking about Open Broadcaster Software, commonly known as OBS. You have probably seen a lot of peopleĀ using this software before especially if you frequent sites like Twitch or like to watch live streams on Facebook. OBS is a vital tool to anybody wanting to LivestreamĀ and/or just […]

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