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You can earn badges by being active on theHoller. Some badges are rarer than others, denoted by a colored ring around the edge of the badge. Some even have levels, that will award points as you progress through the levels.

Level 1 – Bronze
Level 2 – Silver
Level 3 – Gold
Level 4 – Platinum

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Go Getter Badge

Obtained by registering on the website.

Profile Update Badge

Obtained by updating your profile.

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Courageous Voyager Badge

Obtained by joining 5 Hollers.

Avatar Update Badge

Obtained by uploading a photo.

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Logging In Badge

Obtained by logging in.

Growing Friendships Badge

Obtained by making friends.

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Content Creator Badge

Obtained by publishing on the website.

Beta Crew Badge

Obtained by beta testing theHoller.


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